Policies related to Healthy Workplace

York University values the health, safety and well-being of all community members (students, faculty, staff, contractors and visitors).  It is committed to creating a healthy workplace through the integration of safe physical and psychological space and an organizational culture that promotes prevention, support and well-being.  The University recognizes the interdependence between a healthy workplace and employee engagement and further, between employee and student engagement/academic excellence.

York University endeavors to provide a hazard free environment and minimize risks by adherence to all relevant legislation, and through the development and implementation of additional internal standards, programs and procedures.

York University requires that health and safety be a primary objective in every area of operation and that all persons utilizing University premises comply with procedures, regulations and standards relating to health and safety.

York University also recognizes the importance of engaging individuals in health and safety through:

  • The provision of fulsome education and training to increase knowledge and awareness
  • The work of the Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • The enactment of the internal responsibility system such that everyone, regardless of role, plays an important part in creating and maintaining a healthy workplace

To this end, York University has created specific policies related to Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being such as:

York University’s policies can be accessed through the institution's Policies page