Joint Health and Safety Committees

Under the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act, York University, as the employer, is responsible for establishing and maintaining Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSCs). These committees, consisting of workers and management representatives, are an integral part of York University’s internal responsibility system. Their role is primarily advisory but also includes distinct rights and responsibilities. The purpose of the JHSCs is to continuously improve workplace health and safety, and it is intended to be a collaborative partnership between workplace parties.

York University is a large organization, and so a number of JHSCs have been established based on work location/department/faculty, which deal with their specific hazards and work areas. This structure enables members to participate meaningfully in the areas they work in. Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being supports the operations of these JHSCs. You may click on the map below to view it in full size.

York University Joint Health and Safety Committee Campus Map


The various Joint Health and Safety Committees and the areas covered under them may be found on the JHSC website. Note that you will be required to login using your Passport York information to access this website.