I've been offered a job, now what?

Congratulations! You've been offered the position. We've listed a few items that will help prepare you for your first day as a member of the York family.

parking at york universityParking

All employees pay for parking on campus. Depending on your employment type, arrangements can be made to deduct (either monthly or by term) parking fees from your pay. For your first day, plan to park in a paid lot. For the location of the parking office, and details on forms to complete please visit the Parking Services website. Don't forget to bring your ownership in with you!

Transportation Services at York UniversityTransit

All of our campuses and satellite locations are transit accessible. York University also offers its employees and students complimentary shuttles that travel between locations and Go Train station stops. Please visit the Transportation Services website for information on shuttles, Smart Commute, and where to obtain transit passes on campus.

new employee orientationNew Employee Orientation

Each York University employee attends New Employee Orientation, facilitated by the Human Resources Team. Your manager will arrange for you to attend this session, where you will receive information on your benefits, pension and mandatory training.  In your first days at York, you will receive access to the employee portal yu link, which will give you access to the necessary forms to complete to bring with you on orientation day.   Below you will find examples of additional documents you will be requested to present on orientation day.

what to bring with you your first dayWhat to bring with you

In order to activate your pay and benefits, you will need the following pieces of information/identification. Please ensure you have these with you when attending your New Employee Orientation session:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Photocopy proof of date of birth (passport, birth/baptismal certificate, citizenship card)
  • Banking information (void cheque, bank branch address)
  • Names and birth dates of beneficiaries and dependants, if applicable. Dependents will be added to your benefit plan effective the date the necessary proof is received

The following documents will be accepted as proof (please note only one of the following per category is required):

  • Married: a photocopy of your marriage certificate, or piece of mail with same address as employee, or proof of joint bank account
  • Common Law: photocopy of your driver's license with same address as employee, or a piece of mail with same address as employee, or proof of joint bank account
  • Children: a photocopy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or a piece of mail with the same address as the employee