COVID-19 Processes & Procedures

Community members should continue to monitor their health and not attend campus if they are feeling unwell and should complete YU Screen. The University’s case and contact management teams will continue to support those who report symptoms and/or fail YU Screen.

Please refer to the documents below outlining the COVID-19 processes and procedures at York University:

COVID-19 Information & Resources

  • York University COVID-19 Fact and Information Sheet [PDF] - EN | FR
  • Health and Safety Guidelines for the COVID-19 Pandemic [PDF] - EN | FR
  • COVID-19 Protocol for Self Disclosure, Screening and Incident Management - EN | FR
  • York University COVID-19 Safety Plan [PDF] - EN | FR
  • Do's and Don'ts when talking about COVID - EN | FR

Mask information

  • York University Mask Information Sheet [PDF] - EN | FR

Contractors and Visitors

  • Health and Safety Information for Contractors, Vendors and Guests on York Campuses [PDF] - EN | FR

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The COVID-19 resources posted here are also available through YU Link. Staff and faculty can find additional resources by visiting YU Link, including information on Wellness Wednesdays, COVID-19 first aid guidance, and instructions on eye protection, cleaning and disinfection.

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