COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help you address some queries:

Where can I find more information on masking at York?

Please visit the mask resource page on the Better Together site here for more information on when and where you must wear a mask while on York’s campuses.

Do I need to complete YU Screen/ YU Dépistage before attending campus?

As of May 1, 2022, the completion of YU Screen prior to attending campus is encouraged for all York community members as a method of self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms or the requirement to self-isolate. Community members should continue to monitor their health and not attend campus if they are feeling unwell.  The University’s case and contact management teams will continue to support those who report symptoms and/or fail YU Screen.

Will my privacy be maintained and is my information secure when I use YU Screen?

All information related to screening or that is collected through YU Screen is kept confidential, and York is committed to the protection of privacy, as required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Information that is collected through the YU Screen tool is encrypted and stored on servers that are located in Canada, in compliance with York’s security and privacy assessments.

How do I self-monitor for COVID-19?

Check if you have any COVID-19-like symptoms (without a known cause) on an on-going basis.

Please refer to Public Health Ontario’s self-monitoring fact sheet for more information.

What happens when a case of COVID-19 is confirmed at York?

York utilizes an Incident Management Protocol to isolate and contain all situations that arise for those that come onto our campuses and for those within our live-in community. We liaise closely with public health authorities, follow their guidance and provide all necessary information to assist any public health investigation. Case management for students, staff and faculty will be supported by the appropriate offices within York University for on-campus COVID-19 related exposures.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns regarding a potential COVID-19 contact on the York University campus?

York University acknowledges that these uncertain circumstances can cause concern. Employees may contact EWB and students may reach out to the Student Case and Contact Management (Student CCM) team for assistance.

Who do I contact if I made an error when completing YU Screen and failed?

Community members who fail screening (true or accidental) will receive direction and/or a follow up communication from EWB, Student Case and Contact Management, or York Quarantine Program to determine clearance criteria. If you need more urgent follow up due to an accidental failed screening, employees and faculty please email Students, please contact Office of Vice Provost & Academic - Case & Contact Management team:.