Why York?

  You spend a substantial portion of your life at work; why not make that time as rewarding and fulfilling as possible?

As Canada’s third largest University, York is home to an impressive community of faculty, staff and students. With over 50 years of experience, York has been driven by innovation and creativity. We welcome people with curiosity and the desire to keep improving in an ever evolving and challenging environment.

York offers a stimulating, exciting workplace that recruits 'the best and brightest' minds. Our inspiration comes from challenging convention, finding solutions and reaching goals.

If you are ready to step up to the challenge of leading in your field of expertise, we will be there to help realize your dreams.

Rethink Yesterday…Embrace Today…Envision Tomorrow.


Commitment to People.

Can York offer you an opportunity to grow your career and yourself?

The Answer Is... Yes.


More Than Just A Paycheque.

Can York offer you the rewards that will enable you to realize your aspirations?

The Answer Is... Yes.


Our Diverse Community.

Can York offer you a diverse and inclusive workplace?

The Answer Is... Yes.

See Your Future It starts here.