About HR

The key objective of Human Resources (HR) is the development and maintenance of HR policies, programs and delivery of services to ensure optimum resource quality and capacity within the University.

To achieve our goals, HR is comprised of the following units who provide specialized services to the community:

Employee Well-Being
Learning and Organizational Development
Payroll, Records and HR Management Systems (HRIM)
Pension and Benefits
Occupational Health & Safety

Recruitment, Workforce Planning and Employment Equity

HR Organizational Chart (PDF)


The Compensation office is dedicated to the effective management and application of the University's non-academic job evaluation and compensation programs. The Compensation Office is responsible for the design, development and effective administration of job evaluation and compensation programs and policies including ensuring compliance with any applicable legislation and related processes outlined in collective agreements. The Office also conducts salary market surveys and analysis to determine the competitive positioning of non-academic salary rates in the market place.

Our services include:

  • Provision of compensation and job evaluation expertise to the community;
  • Assistance with job design and job description preparation;
  • Assistance with interpretation and appropriate application of related areas of collective agreements;
  • CPM salary planning and administration; and
  • Provision of ad hoc market salary analyses.

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Employee Well-Being

The Employee Well-Being Office (EWO) provides support services during absences due to illness, injury and long term disability (LTD), in conjunction with the workplace stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • Management of short-term absences;
  • Management of transition to long term disability;
  • Facilitation of return to work and At Work Accommodation processes; and
  • Oversight of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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Learning and Organizational Development

The Learning and Organizational Development Office is committed to supporting and enhancing the success of employees and work groups at the University by fostering an innovative culture of professional and personal growth and ongoing career development.

Our services include:

Learning/Training Programs

Our programs are designed to provide York Employees with the opportunity to develop and refine their knowledge, skills and abilities in the following areas:

  • Technical Skills
  • Staff Engagement and Development
  • Management Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Legislative Compliance
  • We offer programs to all York employees through the York Employee Learning Calendar or customized learning sessions by individual unit requests.


Our facilitation services enable teams and larger groups the opportunity to work on specific areas of focus such as team development and strategic planning.  The role of facilitator is to act as an outside resource to assist a team in moving to the next milestone.

  • Team Development is a facilitated process that enables teams to learn more about their present team's approach, and then enables the team to choose areas for further development.
  • Meetings and Retreats are facilitated events that enable teams/units to reach consensus on items of their own choosing. These facilitated sessions enable teams to continue to move forward, develop and meet their goals.
  • Strategic Planning sessions are designed for groups to review and develop their own vision, mission, strategic directions and implementation plans. Designed to align with York Internal Resource Plans and Performance Management plans, these planning sessions enable teams to share information and collaborate to meet their objectives.

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Development creates a healthy, effective and productive organization that supports York's vision. Our consulting services assist leaders in developing and improving individual, team, department and organizational effectiveness over the long term.

  • Process Improvements are designed to review and improve work processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Strategic Planning is a process to review and develop vision, mission, strategic directions and implementation plans, in alignment with the departmental IRPs and individual performance management goals and objectives.
  • Change Management sessions are designed to provide the support and knowledge needed for effective change and transition management.

Career Development

  • Career development assists individuals in career planning and succession planning.
  • Succession Planning is a facilitated process for managers and leaders to plan for changes in staffing over time. It facilitates faculties and departments to work through future planning more proactively.
  • Career Pathing is a facilitated process for existing employees/managers as they progress through their careers.
  • Career Assessment examines career progress and preferences for individuals.


Assessment services are available to assist with hiring decisions as well as for career development planning.  We also provide comprehensive learning recommendations and plans incorporating the results of these assessments.

  • Computer-Based Job Skills Testing for administrative skills, computing skills, financial skills and writing mechanics. Our qualified Learning and Organizational Development staff can administer the tests, interpret test results, provide our clients with existing skill levels, identify skill gaps, and recommend a suitable learning path.
  • Career Development Assessments
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strong Career Inventory
  • Temperament/True Colours
  • Interaction Styles
  • Team Performance Assessment

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Occupational Health & Safety

The key objective of Department of Occupational Health and Safety is to provide occupational health and safety expertise and services to faculty and staff of the University. The OHS provides recommendations to the University for the development of health and safety related policies and programs for the protection of workers and to comply with health and safety legislation.

Our functions and services include:

  • Providing subject expertise in responding to occupational health and safety concerns and compliance requirements;
  • Developing occupational health and safety programs, guidelines and procedures;
  • Providing safety training and educational materials;
  • Assessing, monitoring and providing consultation on the control of workplace hazards (including hazards from ergonomics; chemical, biological and radiological agents, physical agents);
  • Responding to hazardous materials emergencies and spills;
  • Developing accident investigation, prevention and response (e.g., first aid) programs;
  • Monitoring the operation of the Joint Health and Safety Committees; and
  • Preparing an annual report on occupational health and safety to the Board Governance and Human Resources Committee.

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Payroll, Records and HR Management Systems (HRIM)

Payroll, Records and HR Information Management is responsible for effective planning, management, maintenance, collection, protection and disposition of HR information within the parameters of University policy, and the applicable legislative and regulatory agencies.

Our payroll services include:

  • Administration of accurate and timely delivery of payroll service to all employees compliant with University policies, legislative and regulatory requirements relative to employee tax withholdings, remittances and employer reporting obligations as defined by applicable regulatory agencies.

Our records services include:

  • Processing of documentation associated with an employee's hire, promotion, transfer, and termination; and
  • Advice and functional expertise to the University community in relation to documentation and processes specific to the completion of the Employee Transaction Form (ETF).

Our information management services include:

  • Optimization of the HR system on behalf of Human Resources;
  • Functional leadership during HR system upgrades;
  • Coordination and management of HR system development, security, data integrity; and
  • Support for data reporting requirements and analysis.

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Pension and Benefits

The Pension and Benefits office is dedicated to the effective administration of the various benefit plans available to employees and retirees, and the York University Pension Plan. We provide assistance and advice to managers, employees and retirees regarding the interpretation and application of employee benefit policies as well as the York University Pension Plan.

Our services include:

  • Assistance to employees and retirees regarding their health and dental benefits;
  • Providing letters to employees regarding benefit and pension entitlements when on any type of leave;
  • Providing termination and/or retirement pension packages; and
  • Life insurance benefit plan claims to the insurance company.

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Recruitment, Workforce Planning and Employment Equity

The office of Recruitment, Workforce Planning and Employment Equity guides and supports hiring managers and applicants throughout the non-academic hiring process.  We strive to source outstanding candidates for exciting permanent and temporary career opportunities.

Hiring Managers are encouraged to partner with their Recruitment Officer and take advantage of value-added services that include the provision of support throughout any and all of the stages of the recruitment life cycle.

Our services include:

  • Posting on external sites to attract the best applicant pool for your role;
  • Development of an over-arching recruitment strategy targeted to meet your unique needs;
  • Resume screening/short-listing, phone screening;
  • Assisting with the development of the interview guides and the development of behavioural-based interview questions;
  • Participation on interview panels;
  • Creation of a reference check questionnaire, conducting reference checks;
  • Candidate communication/updates during the recruitment process; and
  • Providing expert advice and guidance throughout the recruitment life cycle.

York is committed to Employment Equity. Employment Equity fosters a diverse and representative workforce at York and manages compliance with legislated employment equity requirements. York University participates in the Federal Contractors Program (FCP) under the Employment Equity Act, and is required to monitor its representation with respect to four designated groups: women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peoples.

The York University Temporary Agency (YUTA) services the York community's interim hiring needs. YUTA is responsible for sourcing, screening, and placing interim employees in work assignments throughout the University.  YUTA has a highly qualified and diverse candidate pool ranging from entry level to mid-career.

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