Talent Acquisition FAQs

I am an external candidate. I sent my application in two weeks ago but I have not received feedback. What should I do?

Talent Acquisition can check with the Hiring Manager to determine if the position has already been filled.  With the extremely high volume of external applicants (thousands at a time), we are unable to get back to each applicant.  The ‘bounce back message’ you receive (if you’ve submitted your application package electronically) will acknowledge and thank you for your application package, and will explain that only finalists will be contacted.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in a career with York University.

I am interested in a posting that appears on your website but the ad asks for a complete application package. What does that include and when do I have to submit it by?

Please email a complete application package, which includes an application form, covering letter and resume, and quote the posting number in the subject of the email by 4:30 pm on the posted deadline date.  We ask that candidates review the submission instructions outlined in the posting carefully and submit their application package accordingly.  The application form and complete position details can be found at www.yorku.ca/jobs.

I can’t edit the application form on the York University website. Is there any way you can send me an application form via e-mail?

In order to edit our application form you must first save it as a Word document. You may then edit it and attach it to an e-mail message as you would with any other documents.

What does CPM mean?

CPM is an employee association at York, and it stands for Confidential, Professional and Managerial. The employees in this category are either from the management group or they are individuals who come in contact with highly confidential information. 

What do the terms internal, extended and external mean?

Internal: When a position is posted, any employee within the same bargaining unit will receive first consideration, provided they submit their complete application package before the deadline.   Extended: If there are no qualified applicants from the internal search, the search will be extended to other employees of York who are not members of the same bargaining unit/employee group as the position posted, with first consideration given to applicants from YusApuY Unit 2 for YusApuY Unit 1 positions.  External: Any applicant who is not in a York University affiliated employee group will be considered in an external search.

Can I send Talent Acquisition my resume to retain on file for any future openings?

If you are interested in employment with York University, we encourage you to visit our non-academic career opportunities page at www.yorku.ca/jobs to view all our available positions.  At this time, we do not accept resumes other than for a specific opportunity/posting.  Jobs are frequently posted we recommend that you monitor this site regularly as positions are posted often.  If you see a role that interests you and you believe you qualify for, submit your resume using the submission instructions at the bottom of the posting. If you are selected to move forward in any process you will be contacted by a member of the hiring committee.

When are non-academic positions posted?

Non-academic positions are posted every Monday through Friday.  To view postings please visit www.yorku.ca/jobs. Thank you for your interest in a career with York University.